What is Ekki?

Ekki is the most popular hardwood used for making bridges.

It comes from The Gabon in West Africa but is usually sourced via Holland. A Francophone nation – interesting fusion of African and French cultures!

It is a Tropical Hardwood. It is however grown in accordance with the Forestry Stewardship Council processes and is FSC Certified.

There are ethical issues to do with the carbon used to deliver the material to Europe. The oil used in marine transportation is the dirtiest and most polluting – used by shippers because it is cheap.

It is suspected that virgin forest is cleared to plant the groves.

It is heavy (very dense) dropped into water it initially sinks then floats just level with the surface!

This timber is exceptionally strong and durable and highly resistant to fungal and insect attack. Occasionally we see signs of wood boring beetle in the sap wood which is not yet fully hard.