The impact of huge materials cost increases

There have been massive increases in the cost of materials and processing in recent months.

They are far greater than many of us have seen in our working lives.

Rising Inflation is adding to the problem

We need to beware of the likely consequences of these developments

The subsitution of poor quality timber and inadequate processing would deliver competitive benefits to unscrupulous suppliers. Using cheaper, less good, fixings and importantly the finishes on fixings will lead to shorter bridge lives and more maintenance and sooner.

Users now expect to feel secure on bridge decks making anti slip treatment neccesary. Courts will shortly be making judgements on fall on untreated decks. Do not be tempted to "economise"!

In an attempt to be more competitive it is possible some manufactureres will resort to using less skilled (cheaper) labour. This will have an inevitable egative impact on the finished product.