Basic Bad Design

There are some basic principles to be used when detailing fences on the approaches to our beautiful bridges.

Firstly, do not delegate the fencing to a Contractor. If you do not take control you will rue the final result.

Secondly, consider the best way to use a material so it sheds rain. Wood getting wet is not a problem it quickly dries. Wood in constant contact with water will degrade even if it doesn’t rot.

Thirdly don’t skimp on the thickness of the materials you use for posts. It will be necessary to join rails on the posts and this needs space.

Finally, always make rail joints on posts. Make the fixing to the post robust. Butt joints can be ok if the post is wide enough. If the post is too narrow the fixings attaching the rail to the post will spilt the rail – because it is too close to the end of the rail. The most satisfactory joint is a half lap. If you can’t run to half laps scarf joint are better on a narrow post than a butt but neither are ideal. The simple solution is to use wider posts.